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FAQ 6 Food What is Fry Bread?

FAQ 6 What is Fry Bread?
Northern Arizona FOOD 

In my novel, Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe, Minerva and Flynn eat a traditional type of meal called a Sheepherder. It's a specialty at the Hopi Trading Post in Keams Canyon. It's made up of Fry Bread, similar to a crepe but heartier. Inside is mutton, Hatch green chiles, onions, jalapenos are optional, and hot sauce optional.  Pinto beans and spicy rice are served on the side. So good!

I joked around with the ladies at the restaurant. 
"My grandma Ruth used to make fry-bread. "
"Oh" said the Navajo ladies, "Are you from here?"
"No, Terre Haute Indiana, she took Wonder Bread and fried it in bacon grease and plopped an egg on it."
The Navajo ladies thought that was funny.


For a demonstration on 
how to make frybread click the links below:

Navajo fry bread: yum with mutton, hatch green chiles, and onions.  

Good Fry Bread demo, however, Navajo Rez uses mutton, not beef.

Apache food exchange ceremony

Hopi Blue Corn Piki
Blue corn Hopi piki bread is pale blue in color. It reminds me of eating communion wafers. Light airy touch to the tongue. Very thin and wispy. Crisp but paper thin.

Navajo Food Drying

What's Cooking: Three Sisters Stew

This stew is so good on cold days. Corn beans and squash.

Acorn Soup
Apache acorn soup is an Apache tradition also. Couldn’t find an Apache video but I ate the soup during a traditional dinner on the Whiteriver Apache Rez.  Nutty flavor tastes like walnuts rather than peanuts.

Corn Chowder Navajo

Sumac Berry pudding Navajo

Mexican Posole
Mexican Traditional Posole (Poe-so-lay) soup or stew. Wonderful. Warms you up. Very spicy or if you're afraid don't add so many spices. I like it hot and spicey.

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