Wednesday, June 27, 2018

FAQ 7 GDPR Plain Talk Privacy

FAQ 7 GDPR Privacy
(General Data Protection Regulation) 

Compliance information for my US and

Worldwide readers. 

After I gave a presentation at my local library "How to Protect Yourself from Cyber Trolls, Hackers, and Identity Thieves" my readers asked about newsletters and emails.
So for all my readers of Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe here is the lowdown as my cyber forensics sleuth, Minerva Doyle,  would tell you.

I am a practical person. Basically, GDPR is a common sense approach to gathering data yet protecting privacy. It came about because several big name companies did not respect their customers.

  • I DO NOT personally gather any data on my blog. 
  • I offer easy ways to buy my books at major Digital Stores and outlets.
  •  I DO NOT keep track of anyone's data.
  • You MUST e-mail me in person at to request be an ARC reader and to receive an ARC copy of my books.
  • I have met wonderful people through writing my book in the United States and worldwide.
  • I want to be fully compliant with the GDPR rules. 

I have personally talked to each of my ARC readers. As a professional author, I appreciate each of my reader's time and privacy. You are my most valuable source of feedback. I write about subjects that affect families. Your honesty and support kept me writing when I felt like giving up.

I have researched the GDPR as the logical/analytical nerd that I am. This is one of the best explanations I have read so far. Use common sense on the internet, and treat your customer's privacy with respect. GDPR Plain Talk.

Remember what my Grandma Ruth always said: "Never put anything in writing you don't want the whole world to see." She was born one hundred and thirty-three years ago it still holds true today. Her favorite book was "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". I read it many times as a child I identified with the smart young girl who wanted an education, as a young mother I identified with the Mother's struggles to raise her children, as a widow I identified with the hope of a new husband and better times.

When I read this book I imagine my Grandmother sitting in her parlor after a backing breaking day earning a living. She hand washed, starched, and ironed rich patrons delicate linens. I read the same words she read. I picture the same story in my head. Even though she has been gone for many years I connect with her, this is the power of books.

I can read about the Trojan wars in Greece, visit the spot where they fought, and travel through the adventures of Odysseus. A man who has lived thousands of years ago. I can touch their lives as no artifact can. My research into my new book concerning widows, divorced women, and single mothers brought the tale close to home. Penelope's weaving and staving off the obnoxious suitors until her husband returned from war hit home. Books allow us to go into a magic time travel adventure like no other media. I will protect your right to privacy to read any book you so desire.