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FAQ 9 What does "Turn Around Don't Drown" Mean?

Turn Around Don't Drown

Well, folks, it's that time of year again. Dry washes fill up in seconds. The power of water in the desert is massive. It can devour families, semis, and even houses, and mobile homes. One lone person is no match for a desert storm. 

Watching the Grand Falls of the Little Colorado

In my story, Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe, Minerva, and Michael Doyle, along with neighbors Victor and Pearl Steven rescue an unsuspecting motorist and her family from a flooded wash. Washes in Arizona are very dangerous during monsoon season. A family who explored a wash in Northern Arizona was decimated by a sudden powerful flooded wash.

In my Book Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe, Michael and Minerva Doyle rescue a teenage boy stuck in a flash flood. The woman and her daughters walked up the road when she ran out of gas. Her son refused to go with them and was trapped in a flooded wash. 

The woman was lucky that Minerva and Michael, along with their neighbors Pearl and Victor Steven, volunteered to rescue the family. Even then the cost of a helicopter rescue from Show Low to Holbrook could be astronomical.

When I lived in Northern Arizona I constantly watched the Weather channel because I drove a hundred miles or more to the outlying towns every day. Once I was stranded for several hours on Concho highway between the Silver Creek and the wash by the Country Store. 

Car Trapped in Wash

Please if you are not from Arizona take care. A storm miles away in the distance can bring a wall of water crashing down the narrow bone-dry washes. The water has no place to go. the desert ground is like cement, it can't absorb a year's worth of rain in one hour. 

Any amount of substantial rain in Arizona can cause instant flash flooding in the washes and creeks. Don't ever camp or hike near a wash no matter what time of year. Especially don't drive through one. Don't underestimate the power of a flash flood.




To cover the cost of rescuing obstinate drivers Arizona passed a Stupid Driver law.

From Arizona Statutes
28-910. Liability for emergency responses in flood areas; definitions
A. A driver of a vehicle who drives the vehicle on a public street or highway that is temporarily covered by a rise in water level, including groundwater or overflow of water, and that is barricaded because of flooding is liable for the expenses of any emergency response that is required to remove from the public street or highway the driver or any passenger in the vehicle that becomes inoperable on the public street or highway or the vehicle that becomes inoperable on the public street or highway, or both.
B. A person convicted of violating section 28-693 for driving a vehicle into any area that is temporarily covered by a rise in water level, including groundwater or overflow of water, may be liable for expenses of any emergency response that is required to remove from the area the driver or any passenger in the vehicle that becomes inoperable in the area or the vehicle that becomes inoperable in the area, or both.
C. The expenses of an emergency response are a charge against the person liable for those expenses pursuant to subsection A or B of this section. The charge constitutes a debt of that person and may be collected proportionately by the public agencies, for-profit entities or not-for-profit entities that incurred the expenses. The person's liability for the expenses of an emergency response shall not exceed two thousand dollars for a single incident. The liability imposed under this section is in addition to and not in limitation of any other liability that may be imposed.
D. An insurance policy may exclude coverage for a person's liability for expenses of an emergency response under this section.
E. For the purposes of this section:
1. "Expenses of an emergency response" means reasonable costs directly incurred by public agencies, for-profit entities or not-for-profit entities that make an appropriate emergency response to an incident.
2. "Public agency" means this state and any city, county, municipal corporation, district or other public authority that is located in whole or in part in this state and that provides police, fire fighting, medical or other emergency services.
3. "Reasonable costs" includes the costs of providing police, fire fighting, rescue and emergency medical services at the scene of an incident and the salaries of the persons who respond to the incident but does not include charges assessed by an ambulance service that is regulated pursuant to title 36, chapter 21.1, article 2.

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FAQ 8 Where is Sunset Crater? Volcano erupts in Northern Arizona.

Sunset Crater Arizona. 

My Imaginary town of Black Mesa is at the foot of a dormant Volcano. For a picturesque view of the real volcano check out these video tours. The real Sunset Crater is an actual volcano that erupted and covered Northern Arizona with ash. Minerva's friend and neighbor Flynn Steven is a Geology professor. You can imagine him taking Minerva and Michael on a day trip to Sunset Crater. Yes, the sky is the most intense blue I've ever seen in my life. The only other place in the world is Delphi in Greece.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

FAQ 7 What Can I See in Black Mesa? A Vacation Guide to Old Route 66

Black Mesa Arizona Vacation Guide on Old Route 66. 

Good morning. Although the temperature in Phoenix is a blazing 107 degrees (F) in Black Mesa it's 80 degrees (F) today. You can count on the temperature here is twenty degrees cooler than the Salt River Valley better known to Maricopa County residents as 'The Valley,' and the Mogollon (Pronounced Muggy-yon) rim better known as 'Up the Hill." ( 10,000 foot to 12,000 foot hill). 

The Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, Meteor Crater, Sunset Crater are all about a days ride from Phoenix. Don't forget my imaginary town of Black Mesa is located on old Route 66 outside the Petrified Forest. Visit the little towns in Arizona along Route 66 for a flavor of the Black Mesa Cafe. Lots of little Mom and Pop diners.

A great place to stay is in Holbrook at the Wigwam Motel near old route 66, even though Minerva thought the place was tacky. I think she was hot, tired and thirsty. She needed a big sweet tea to refresh her. Try out the places in my book. The Wigwam is real as is the great little Mexican restaurant in Holbrook.

Minerva's husband Michael loves old cars from the 50's and 60's. They took a romantic side trip to stay at the Wigwam Motel in Holbrook so Michael could check out the cars.

Click on the links below:

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E-Book Mystery Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe Book 1

Who Murdered Mom?

Everything revolves around  
 bread and death.” ·Yiddish Proverb
A woman instigates her own murder
·at a family dinner.

the Black Mesa Café
A Minerva Doyle Mystery (Book 1)- 
June 2018

Marty Knox

·        Do you dread family get-togethers?
·        Do relatives start arguments at mealtime?
·        Did you wish they’d receive their comeuppance?
·        Does your mother drive you mad with unreasonable demands?
·        Did you attend funerals where ancient wrongs and Family secrets ferment to a boil?
·        Have you lost cherished possessions?
·        Has something forced you to start over from scratch?

yber forensic analyst Minerva Doyle and her husband Michael Doyle, retired ATF agent, celebrate her signed teaching contract with Navapache Community College. They look forward to a romantic weekend at the local Bed and Breakfast.
Newlyweds Minerva and Michael, play their favorite guessing game ‘a la Sherlock Holmes’ while waiting to eat supper at the quirky Black Mesa Café. A welder, a law officer, and an elderly woman fall under the couples’ scrutiny.
When Mary Steven, the tyrannical matriarch, collapses at the next table, Minerva clears gawkers out of the way and calls 911 while Michael gives Mary CPR.
Because Mary Steven died at the hospital, Town Marshal, Charles Dubois, interviews witnesses. He warns the Doyles that the Steven’s clan is infamous for lawsuits. The Good Samaritans soon discover that helping a person in trouble can cause financial ruin.

Minerva rejects the Steven’s wrongful death claim by using her cyber forensic expertise to uncover the real murderer. Minerva seeks justice for the victim so she can restore Michael’s good name. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who murdered Mom?

 Kindle EBook 

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Coming soon Audio Version

Audiobook is in the development stage and will soon be available on this website. I am a firm believer in giving everyone the ability to enjoy stories in any kind of media: electronic, print or audio. It's not the mode or language that counts it's the tale that counts.
Human beings have been telling stories for 50 thousand years and will continue to tell stories when we reach the stars. 

Findaway Voices

FAQ 6 Haboob in Phoenix AZ?

FAQ 6 Haboob in Phoenix AZ and

 on the 202 Mesa AZ

Phoenix made it to the National News, and Weather channel today. My midwest readers wondered - What is a Haboob?

Haboob: An Arabic word meaning dust cloud of enormous proportions. It turns a scorching hot, bright summer day into a swirling morass of black impenetrable chocking fine dust. If you are driving on the I-10 going towards Tucson or 202 beware. It's a nightmare twenty times worse than fog.

Once I was driving on the 202 in Mesa going to Scottsdale. There is no way to stop on a freeway. I hoped everyone else would slow down. I could see the ominous black wall of dust behind me. The wind rocked my car. Thank goodness I saw an exit to Mesa. I huddled on a side street in Lehi surrounded by farms. The Palm trees bent double in the fury of the dust cloud. I was enveloped in a smothering envelope of dust. Daylight had turned to midnight. I was trapped in my small world, and forced to wait while the dust monster blasted away.

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GDPR Plain Talk

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) Compliance 
for my Worldwide readers.

I am a practical person. Basically, GDPR is a common sense approach to gathering data yet protecting privacy. It came about because several big name companies did not respect their customers.

  • I DO NOT personally gather any data on my blog. 
  • I offer easy ways to buy my books at major Digital Stores and outlets.
  •  I DO NOT keep track of anyone's data.
  • You MUST e-mail me in person at martyknox4@gmail.com to request be an ARC reader and to receive an ARC copy of my books.
  • I have met wonderful people through writing my book in the United States and worldwide.
  • I want to be fully compliant with the GDPR rules. 

I have personally talked to each of my ARC readers. As a professional author, I appreciate each of my reader's time and privacy. You are my most valuable source of feedback. I write about subjects that affect families. Your honesty and support kept me writing when I felt like giving up.

I have researched the GDPR as the logical/analytical nerd that I am. This is one of the best explanations I have read so far. Use common sense on the internet, and treat your customer's privacy with respect. GDPR Plain Talk.

Remember what my Grandma Ruth always said: "Never put anything in writing you don't want the whole world to see." She was born one hundred and thirty-three years ago it still holds true today. Her favorite book was "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn". I read it many times as a child I identified with the smart young girl who wanted an education, as a young mother I identified with the Mother's struggles to raise her children, as a widow I identified with the hope of a new husband and better times.

When I read this book I imagine my Grandmother sitting in her parlor after a backing breaking day earning a living. She hand washed, starched, and ironed rich patrons delicate linens. I read the same words she read. I picture the same story in my head. Even though she has been gone for many years I connect with her, this is the power of books.

I can read about the Trojan wars in Greece, visit the spot where they fought, and travel through the adventures of Odysseus. A man who has lived thousands of years ago. I can touch their lives as no artifact can. My research into my new book concerning widows, divorced women, and single mothers brought the tale close to home. Penelope's weaving and staving off the obnoxious suitors until her husband returned from war hit home. Books allow us to go into a magic time travel adventure like no other media. I will protect your right to privacy to read any book you so desire.

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FAQ 5 Food What is Fry Bread?

FAQ 5 What is Fry Bread?
Northern Arizona FOOD 

Minerva and Flynn eat a traditional type of meal called a Sheepherder. It's a specialty at the Hopi Trading Post in Keams Canyon. It's made up of Fry Bread, similar to a crepe but heartier. Inside is mutton, Hatch green chilis, onions, jalapenos are optional, and hot sauce optional.  Pinto beans and spicy rice are served on the side. So good!

I joked around with the ladies at the restaurant. 
"My grandma Ruth used to make fry-bread. "
"Oh" said the Navajo ladies, "Are you from here?"
"No, Terre Haute Indiana, she took wonder bread and fried it in bacon grease and plopped an egg on it."
The Navajo ladies thought that was funny.


For a demonstration on 
how to make frybread click the links below:

Navajo fry bread: yum with mutton, hatch green chilis, and onions.  

Good Fry Bread demo, however, Navajo Rez uses mutton, not beef.

Apache food exchange ceremony

Hopi Blue Corn Piki
Blue corn Hopi piki bread is pale blue in color. It reminds me of eating communion wafers. Light airy touch to the tongue. Very thin and wispy. Crisp but paper thin.

Navajo Food Drying

What's Cooking: Three Sisters Stew

This stew is so good on cold days. Corn beans and squash.

Acorn Soup
Apache acorn soup is an Apache tradition also. Couldn’t find an Apache video but I ate the soup during a traditional dinner on the Whiteriver Apache Rez.  Nutty flavor tastes like walnuts rather than peanuts.

Corn Chowder Navajo

Sumac Berry pudding Navajo

Mexican Posole
Mexican Traditional Posole (Poe-so-lay) soup or stew. Wonderful. Warms you up. Very spicy or if you're afraid don't add so many spices. I like it hot and spicey.