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Cast of Characters Murder @ Black Mesa Cafe -

Bonus- Cast of Characters
Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe

“In every land,
Hardness is in the north of it,
Softness in the south,
Industry in the east,
And fire and inspiration in the west.”
Irish saying

The Cast of Imaginary Characters:
I didn't include the list in my book because nowadays most novels don't.  Some people don't care for Prologues, a cast of characters, maps, or other distractions. As an avid electronic reader, I agree they are hard to see on e-devices. But as a printed book lover I enjoy all the extra tidbits. 
However, as a reader of classic Agatha Christie novels, I loved her list of characters, the maps, the rooms, and all the little extra tidbits of information. So if you like these tidbits here they are - stay tuned for more maps, room layouts, and secret messages.

Black Mesa AZ: 
An imaginary town located on the Northern Arizona Mogollon Plateau. Pop; 2000+, established 1870, Irish Catholic immigrants, an old Route 66 town bypassed by I-40. It's a 1950’s neon vibe of restored downtown buildings, and a summer tourist destination with lakes, camping, near the petrified forest on the Navajo/Apache County line. Close to Sunrise ski resort on the Apache Rez, Grand Canyon, Meteor Crater, Volcanos, Painted Desert, Petrified Forest, Sunset Crater, Dinosaur Park, and Native American Ruins. Four seasons, and 20 to 40 degrees cooler than Salt River Valley.

Husband and wife forensic consultants:

Minerva Helen Doyle:
Computer Science Instructor at Navapache Community College, cyber-crimes forensic expert, Computer consultant Black Mesa Marshal's Office, quilter, hiker, line-dancer

Michael Sean Doyle:
Retired A.T.F. (alcohol, tobacco, firearms,  and explosives) agent, forensic profiling expert, part-time deputy Black Mesa Marshal's Office, gold prospector, fisherman, hiker, Marine, Soon to join NCSO 

The Steven Family:

Mary Elizabeth Steven:
The matriarch, rancher, farmer, former B-Western movie star and extra

Victor Mature Steven:
the oldest brother, rancher, gold prospector, hunter, Sheriff’s posse, Teddy Roosevelt re-enactor, member NCSO

Pearl Hannah Steven:
Victor's wife, homemaker, Alice Roosevelt re-enactor, Relief Society, Black Mesa Quilter’s, horsewoman, farrier, line-dancer

Loretta  Young Steven:
ER (Emergency Room) nurse, older of the twin sisters, Mary’s caretaker evening, Hospital midnight shift, prospector, hiker

Deborah Kerr Steven:
NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) nurse, younger of the twin sisters, Mary’s caretaker daytime, Hospital 3rd shift, prospector, hiker

Errol Flynn Steven:
aka Flynn, youngest brother, Geology professor at Navapache Community College, gold prospector, hunter, fisherman, hiker, rodeo competitor, member NCSO

Jennifer Marie Steven:
Flynn’s wife, kindergarten teacher Black Mesa Elementary School, quilter, hiker, line-dancer

Lizbeth Marie Steven:
aka Lizzie, Bumpkin, Flynn and Jennifer’s baby, Mary’s granddaughter

Gloria Grahame Steven Fitzroy:
the youngest sister, English Department Chair at Navapache Community College, English professor, President of Black Mesa Chamber of Commerce Welcome Committee

Richard Henry Fitzroy:
Gloria’s husband, retired from Paper Mill, tax accountant, prospector

Friends, Neighbors, and others:

Rose Jean Wilde:
the small business owner, owns Black Mesa Cafe,  shopping center buildings, rents out beauty parlor, Antique store, Black  Mesa Chamber of Commerce Member, line-dancer, square dancer, horsewoman

Charles Louis Dubois: former RCMP Mounty (Gendarmerie Royale du Canada),
Marshall for the City of Black Mesa, hunter, fisherman, prospector

Sonia Helena Dubois:
aka Sunny, Charles' wife, caterer, cookbook author, Our Lady of Perpetual Peace Altar Society  President, barrel racer, horsewoman

Ed Sanders:
Paragon Realty, Black Mesa Chamber of Commerce Member

Francine Connie Sobota:
Owner Francine’s Beauty Salon, Black Mesa Chamber of Commerce Member, line-dancer, square-dancer

Melody Francis Sobota:
aka Mel, beautician, Francine’s  daughter, line dancer

Deidre Tipps:
waitress at the Black Mesa Café

Billy ‘the Kid’ Tipps;
son of Deidre

Various Church Ladies of the OLPPAS:
Our Lady of  Perpetual Peace Altar Society

Navajo County Sheriff’s Office Posse, Search and Rescue Team


Black Mesa Gold Prospector’s Association

Synopsis Murder @ the Black Mesa Cafe


There has been a…

A woman instigates her own murder at a family dinner. 

A computer forensic expert, Minerva Doyle, is drawn into a deadly family feud when she witnesses a murder at the Black Mesa Café.

Minerva Doyle is a cybercrime expert whose new job takes her to a small town in Northern Arizona, where the Wild West is anything but tame and things aren’t always what they seem. 

During a celebratory dinner at The Black Mesa Café, Minerva's husband retired A. T. F. agent Michael Doyle, witnesses a wealthy old woman's collapse in the next booth. Michael rushes to save the woman while Minerva calls 911.

Although they tried to save the doomed elderly woman the two Good Samaritans are sued by the woman’s conniving family.  

Trapped in the middle of a vicious family feud, Minerva and Michael need all their cyber expertise to clear their good name and find justice for the victim.

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