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Who Murdered Mom?

Everything revolves around  
 bread and death.” ·Yiddish Proverb
A woman instigates her own murder
·at a family dinner.

the Black Mesa Café
A Minerva Doyle Mystery (Book 1)- 
June 2018

Marty Knox

·        Do you dread family get-togethers?
·        Do relatives start arguments at mealtime?
·        Did you wish they’d receive their comeuppance?
·        Does your mother drive you mad with unreasonable demands?
·        Did you attend funerals where ancient wrongs and Family secrets ferment to a boil?
·        Have you lost cherished possessions?
·        Has something forced you to start over from scratch?

yber forensic analyst Minerva Doyle and her husband Michael Doyle, retired ATF agent, celebrate her signed teaching contract with Navapache Community College. They look forward to a romantic weekend at the local Bed and Breakfast.
Newlyweds Minerva and Michael, play their favorite guessing game ‘a la Sherlock Holmes’ while waiting to eat supper at the quirky Black Mesa Café. A welder, a law officer, and an elderly woman fall under the couples’ scrutiny.
When Mary Steven, the tyrannical matriarch, collapses at the next table, Minerva clears gawkers out of the way and calls 911 while Michael gives Mary CPR.
Because Mary Steven died at the hospital, Town Marshal, Charles Dubois, interviews witnesses. He warns the Doyles that the Steven’s clan is infamous for lawsuits. The Good Samaritans soon discover that helping a person in trouble can cause financial ruin.

Minerva rejects the Steven’s wrongful death claim by using her cyber forensic expertise to uncover the real murderer. Minerva seeks justice for the victim so she can restore Michael’s good name. Who is lying? Who is telling the truth? Who murdered Mom?

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Audiobook is in the development stage and will soon be available on this website. I am a firm believer in giving everyone the ability to enjoy stories in any kind of media: electronic, print or audio. It's not the mode or language that counts it's the tale that counts.
Human beings have been telling stories for 50 thousand years and will continue to tell stories when we reach the stars. 

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