Monday, July 16, 2018

FAQ 8 Haboob in Phoenix AZ?

FAQ 8 Haboob in Phoenix AZ and

 on the 202 Mesa AZ

Phoenix made it to the National News, and Weather channel today. The midwest readers of my novel, Murder@ the Black Mesa Cafe, wondered - What is a Haboob? 

Haboob: An Arabic word meaning dust cloud of enormous proportions. It turns a scorching hot, bright summer day into a swirling morass of black impenetrable chocking fine dust. If you are driving on the I-10 going towards Tucson or the 202 to Mesa beware. It's a nightmare twenty times worse than fog.

Once I was driving on the 202 in Mesa going to Scottsdale. There is no way to stop on a freeway. I hoped everyone else would slow down. I could see the ominous black wall of dust behind me. The wind rocked my car. Thank goodness I saw an exit to Mesa. I huddled on a side street in Lehi surrounded by farms. The Palm trees bent double in the fury of the dust cloud. I was enveloped in a smothering envelope of dust. Daylight had turned to midnight. I was trapped in my small world, and forced to wait while the dust monster blasted away.

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